Our cellars: Cavaion and Fumane


Our cellars

Cavaion Veronese cellar was planned and built bearing in mind the special care required by our wines. We have therefore placed great importance on the wine's "resting" period, believing this phase to be fundamental for its growth and personal character. The large, underground refining room helps keep the level of humidity and temperature naturally constant, ideal for ensuring that our wines age properly. In addition to the refining of the wines in barriques and tonneaux, bottling and the subsequent long resting period also take place in this cellar.

The whole drying process, lasting between 4 and 5 months, as well as the pressing, fermentation and a first refining of the wines, takes place in the Fumane cellar. On entering the cellar, the grapes are carefully checked, after which the drying process begins. A sophisticated installation allows the humidity level and ventilation of the cellars to be carefully controlled, ensuring the grapes remain perfectly healthy.