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• Concept Harmony

The word Harmony derives from the Greek ἁρμονία, Harmony, which properly means "to compose, to tune." In a broader sense and common use, the pleasant and euphonic impression resulting from a musical juxtaposition of sounds is called harmony and the pleasing proportion of several parts or elements of a whole. Therefore, it can be defined as a balanced synthesis of elements.

A wine reaches harmony with suitable maturation and it is harmonious when it contains all the organoleptic elements in pleasant proportion. Achieving harmony means, for wine, giving an experience where colour, bouquet, tactility and taste are in perfect balance. Harmony has been a theme since Pythagoras in the fourth century B.C., which lent itself to represent an important starting point for reflection on the relationship between life and virtue, recognizing, precisely in Harmony, the secret of happiness.

• The Jury

Claudio Marra
1. Claudio Marra (President of jury)
Professor of History of Photography at the University of Bologna, is the author of various essays that represent a reference point in the sector: from Le idee della fotografia 2001 to Nelle ombre di un sogno, 2004, from L’immagine infedele, 2006, to Fotografia e pittura nel Novecento (e oltre), 2012, from Fotografia e arti visive, 2014 to Che cos’è la fotografia, 2017. In these books, he has addressed both historical issues and theoretical aspects related to the identity of the medium and the problems raised by the transition from the analogue system to the digital one, analyzing the relationships between Photography and Visual Arts or those linked to peculiar sectors such as fashion.
Fulvio Merlak
2. Fulvio Merlak
Born in Trieste in 1948, Fulvio Merlak has been involved in Photography since an early age. President of the Trieste Photographic Association in the 1980s and 1990s, he was provincial and then regional delegate of the FIAF. Since 1991, he has been working as a cultural operator in visual communication. He coordinated the realization of many festivals and many reviews, promoting at the same time numerous seminars and advanced courses in image reading, and he oversaw the publication of some photographic volumes. After having served as a counsellor, deputy president, and since president of the “Italian Federation of Photographic Associations,” in 2011, he was appointed honorary president of the same Federation. From 2011 to 2014, he held position of director of the “Italian Center of Author Photography” in Bibbiena. He was a member of the Scientific Committee of the “Center for Research and Archiving of Photography” in Spilimbergo. He is currently director of the FIAF Events Department.
Massimo de' Manzoni
3. Massimo de' Manzoni
Professional Journalist since 1988, from Verona, graduated in Foreign Languages and Literature, he began his career working on the newspaper L’Arena in Verona, for which he became later news editor. In 1997, he joined il Giornale as editor-in-chief first, and later he worked as deputy executive director. From 2011 until 2016 he acted as senior deputy editor of the newspaper Libero. In September 2016, he founded along with the journalist Belpietro the newspaper La Verità, of which he is currently co-director.
Francesco Aliberti
4. Francesco Aliberti
Ms. in Italian Studies at Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna with Ezio Raimondi, have founded the publishing house Aliberti editore which has been regarded to as one of the most characteristic publishing houses of more recent Italian history during Turin’s Book Fair 2011 in the occasion of an exposition organized by Gian Arturo Ferrari to mark the 150th anniversary of the book, along with other fifteen publishers such as Baldini Castoldi, Dalai, Chiarelettere, E/O, Minimum Fax, Newton Compton, Nottetempo, Piemme). Since 2009, he is a business partner of the newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano, guided by Marco Travaglio, and in 2011, he founded with Vauro, Vincino and Cinzia Monteverdi the same publishing society in order to reintroduce the satirical magazine Il Male. In 2013, he founded the new publishing house Wingsbert House, which combines the passion for books and wines, proposing a package that holds both a book and a bottle of Italian red Lambrusco, produced by the family business. In 2015, he established Compagnia editoriale Aliberti, the new publishing brand. Although, his real passion is balsamic vinegar. Since 2008 holds the property of a truly traditional “acetaia”, that produces a special balsamic vinegar named “Lunatico”.
Angelo Falmi
5. Angelo Falmi
Is an artist and Professor at Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. He attended Art school in Piacenza and complete it in Parma, and at the same time Music Conservatory. He enrolled then at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. Several educational experiences and a very wide list of solo exhibitions, from Bologna To Parma and Piacenza, in Darmstadt, in Chiapas, in Teheran and Santiago del Cile and a presence in group exhibitions in Italy and Europe.
Elisa Ferrarini
6. Elisa Ferrarini
Is a young entrepreneur who deals with Valpolicella, the land where she lives and that she loves, in all its aspects. She’s the co-founder with her mother of a successful company that deals with consulting, education and training in the field of catering industry. The commitment to her territory has led her to become municipal councillor in Fumane (VR), where she had the responsibility for Agricolture, Trade and Tourism, She remained active in politics with the role of Secretary of the Municipal political movement “S & P”. Her other great passions are Suburban Art, Music and….of course… Valpolicella wines!
Mario Menozzi
7. Mario Menozzi
Born in Brescia and after his studies in Agriculture begins his career in the wine business working for the company Salvalai where he holds various roles including that of Export Manager. In 1997 he joined Cesari, where he likewise deals with International markets and in 2017 was appointed Commercial Director. He has travelled widely both for pleasure and business and he has got to known much of the world. To a deep knowledge of wine, he combines a strong interest in History and a natural inclination for Art in all its forms.