Jema International Photo Award

IIIrd edition – 2021

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Jèma as a precious gemstone and a gem of the vine: just as the precious stone is extracted from the earth, the vine's gem comes to the world by blooming from the plant.

Jèma, a wine in purity, the main characteristic of the precious gem. There is much symbolism around this elegant and charming wine. This year our Photographic Award, after the previous editions of "Wait" and "Purity," continues with Elegance's new theme. From the Latin “eligere,” that is to choose, elegance is the art of living and thinking, which can manifest itself in the care of the physical appearance, but which goes far beyond. Jèma is elegant because it contains all the organoleptic characteristics of the wine harmoniously. In its production, we are constantly looking for perfection: we choose the vineyard with the best exposure, the correct grape clone, the most effective pruning, the right harvest time, the most suitable woods, with the utmost attention to every detail.

• Participants

Jèma International Photo Award by Gerardo Cesari and Compagnia Editoriale Aliberti is reserved to photographers, professionals and beginners, without any limits of age or nationality, who will present a photographic work that represents elegance according to their view (see the following paragraphs for further specifications).
Those who do not respect the terms and conditions for the presentation of the works established by this regulation will be excluded from the Award.

• Works

Jèma International Photo Award –The Elegance is reserved to rigorously unpublished photographic works.
Therefore, works published in whole or in part in any format will be excluded from the contest. Authors can participate to the Award with only one photographic work.

• Submission of the works to the contest

All those who wish to compete for the Prize must send an email to:
It is not possible to ask for confirmation of receipt of the works sent.
To the email it is necessary to attach:

1) entry form for the competition available at the bottom of this competition announcement, or downloadable from the website or, complete in all its items.
2) work to be submitted to the competition, that must meet the technical specifications, which you can read below.

Characteristics of the work:
Candidates can submit a photo with a free theme (portraits, landscapes, abstract images, etc.) as long as the concept of the Award is represented and expressed: the Elegance.

The word “Elegance” comes from the latin term “eligere”, which means “to choose”. It can be considered a lifestyle and a mindset, that can express itself in the way of dressing, but it goes beyond clothing. It concerns indeed also presence, gestures, the way of speaking. It is a mixture of politeness, flair, personality and curiosity. It consists of something absolutely mysterious in its final outcome. A wine can be considered elegant, when it embodies in a harmonious way the features of the fruit, its scent and its structure.
Making an elegant wine involves choosing the vineyard, the vine clone, the right time for pruning, or harvesting, and the types of wooden barrels to employ. It involves, in other words, becoming nearly obsessive with absolute care of details.

Technical requirements:
1) The Photo should be saved as a .jpg file and it should be max 3MB (in case of selection you will be asked for a high-resolution photo file - 300 dpi, suitable for printing in exhibitions).
2) The file must be renamed as follows: SURNAME_NAME_WORKTITLE (es. White_James_TheTime.jpeg).

the photo must be accompanied by a short presentation text (min 5 lines, max 15 lines).
Gerardo Cesari and Compagnia Editoriale Aliberti will keep the participants informed through press releases and website, social updates ( and 1. Participants relieve Gerardo Cesari and Compagnia editoriale Aliberti of any responsibility of the ownership and originality of the presented work. Furthermore, participants ensure that the work is not a copy or a partial/entire modification of an art work of others.
2. The author ensures the unpublished condition of their work worldwide and the exclusive ownership of the work by the author. They also have to prove that the photo hasn’t already been presented to other competitions, while waiting for it to be evaluated.
3. The author accepts the publication of the work, if the latter is selected for the final exhibition.

The submission of the photographic work ensures the commitment of the author not to withdraw it during the Award.

• Ownership, originality and disclosure of the works

Submitting a work to the competition, implies full acceptance of the following conditions by the participants:

1. The author agrees to the disclosure of the work in the press and in the media, in the event that he is selected as finalist.

2. The author gives his guarantee that releases Gerardo Cesari and the Aliberti Publishing Company, of any responsibility, regarding the originality of the work presented, and its ownership and exclusivity on the exploitation rights of the work itself, all over the world without limitation or charge towards third parties and the guarantee that it has not been presented to any other competition with pending resolution.

3. The author declares that Gerardo Cesari is relieved of any dispute and or claim for compensation that, in any entitlements, third parties may possibly advance regarding the ownership and/or use of the work presented.

4. The author agrees with the printing of the work, if selected for the exhibition/exhibitions or for other publication purposes of the company.

The presentation of the work in itself guarantees the commitment by its author not to withdraw it from the competition.

• Sections and awards

The competition is divided into two main sections, Master and Open, to which a Special Editorial Mention and a Special Mention for the photography course of the Brera Academy are to be added. Below are the specifications of the different sections:

Master Section
The Master section of the Jèma International Photographic Award – Elegance- is aimed at professional photographers.
The works of the photographers nominated in this section will be evaluated by the jury (for the composition of which see the next paragraph) who will select twenty finalist photos from among the candidates for the prize. All the finalists will be part of the exhibition to be held in September (location and date to be defined).
The winning will be decreed among the twenty finalists.

The author of the winning work of the Professionals Section Award:
- will have the right to exhibit his photograph in a privileged position in the exhibition itinerary;
- will be the guest of Gerardo Cesari in the Lake Garda area for a weekend, together with a companion;
- you will receive 3 liters bottle of Amarone with a plaque.

The competition cannot be declared void nor can the Prize be shared between two or more works.

Open section
The Open section of Jèma-L'Eleganza International Photographic Award is reserved for non-professional photographers. All the works forward in this section will be submitted to the public vote through the Facebook page of Gerardo Cesari. In particular, an album renamed "Jèma Award - Elegance - Open section" will be created, in which the nominated photographs will be uploaded and submitted to the votes through Facebook reactions. There is no distinction between reactions, each click is worth a vote. The ten most clicked photos by 31 July 2021 will be submitted to the jury's evaluation and from this final vote will result three classified, awarded according to the following methods:
- the winner of the Open section will receive 3 liters of Amarone with plate and his photo will participate in the final exhibition together with the photos of the Professionals section.
- the second and third classified will also see the participation of their photo in the final exhibition of the Professionals section.

In addition, a magnum bottle of Jèma will be given to each one. The competition cannot be declared void.

Special Editorial Mention
Aliberti publishing company will assign a special mention to three photos that can be chosen from both sections of the competition and that can become cover images of future editorial publications.

Special Mention Brera Academy
The jury will assign a special mention to a photograph selected among those proposed by the candidates of the photography course of the Brera Academy.

• Selection committee

The Selection Committee, renamed the jury, will be composed of the following members, freely designated by Gerardo Cesari and the Aliberti publishing company:

1) Professore Claudio Marra(President), professor of History of Photography;
2) Cristina Bowerman, chef at Glass Hostaria, Rome, one Star Michelin;
3) Alessandra Piubello, journalist and Writer, Professional Taster;
4) Michael Housewright, wordwilde famous Wine Fotographer;
5) Francesco Aliberti, editor;
6) Viviana Nella Stagni, hospitality and Pr Gerardo Cesari;
7) Angelo Falmi, professor at Brera Accademy, Milan.

The selection and evaluation of the works presented, will be established by Gerardo Cesari and the Aliberti publishing company with the collaboration of the technical jurors.

The longlist of the twenty works selected in the Master section will be officially announced by July 2021 on the website, on and diffused through social media and press releases.

The twenty works will be part of the Gerardo Cesari - Elegance exhibition to be held in September date and place to be communicated.

To these twenty works will be added the first three classified in the Open section, the first among those selected for the Special Editorial Mention and the winner of the Special Mention of the photography course of the Brera Academy for a total of 25 works that will be exhibited.

The exhibition catalogue will be published by the Aliberti in digital format and distributed on allon-line stores.

The jury will select the winning photo of the Master section among the twenty finalists, at its sole unquestionable discretion. The winner will be announced during the final event.

The three finishers of the Open section will instead be publicly announced one week before the exhibition.

Any deliberation of the jury will be undisclosed.

Gerardo Cesari and Aliberti Publishing Company will not respond to the opinions expressed by the selectors / members of the jury before or after the awarding of the Prize, in relation to any work presented.

• Transfer of rights to exploit the work

The achievement of the Prize by the author of the winning work implies that the author exclusively assigns to Gerardo Cesari and the Aliberti publishing company all the rights of economic use in Italy, including, by way of example, those of publication by press, of trade, translation, audio-visual and cinematographic use, processing in other literary or artistic form, summaries, compendiums, reproduction of single parts, also in conjunction with other works or parts of them, exploitation in electronic form , by means of fixation on supports, "on line" and insertion in databases, etc. relating to the Opera.

The authors of the winning and selected works must undertake to sign a document regarding the formalization of the transfer of the rights to exploit the work, accepting the conditions established by the contract.

• Return of works

The files received will not be returned to non-awarded authors, and in no case will it be possible to request a copy of the evaluation forms of the work.

Although not manifestly provided, this photo contest must be considered governed by the rules of the Italian Civil Code. The photographic award, in particular, is not subject to the discipline of Presidential Decree 430/2001 related to the regulation concerning the discipline of competitions and prize operations, having as its object the production of an artistic work for which the awarding of the prize represents a recognition of personal merit and, consequently, the case of exclusion, pursuant to art. 6 paragraph 1 letter a) of Presidential Decree 430/2001.

• Jema award to personality of culture, journalism and entertainment

For the 2021 edition, will be also awarded one personality belonging to the world of journalism, culture and / or entertainment who, through their work and / or their work, has created a link with the world of wine and art, literature or photography.
The Jury will choose the person to whom the prize is awarded, at its sole discretion, from among those who, during the year 2021, best represented the principle expressed above.

• Contacts

• The Jury

Therefore, this year, Cesari celebrates the art of photography in an international award that will enhance the best talents from all over the world, with a new jury of the highest-profile, designated by Gerardo Cesari and Aliberti publishing company.

Here are the components:

Claudio Marra
1. Claudio Marra (presidente)
Claudio Marra, professor of History of Photography at the University of Bologna, is the author of various texts that constitute a point of reference in the sector: from The ideas of photography, 2001 to In the shadows of a dream, 2004, from The infidel image, 2006, to Photography and painting in the twentieth century (and beyond), 2012, from Photography and visual arts, 2014 to What is photography, 2017.
In these books, he has addressed both historical issues, analyzing the relationships between photography and the visual arts or those with specific sectors such as fashion, and theoretical aspects related to the identity of the medium and the problems raised by the transition from the analogue to the digital system.
Cristina Bowerman
2. Cristina Bowerman
Chef Cristina Bowerman, the only female chef with 1 Michelin star in Rome, was born in Cerignola a small town in Puglia, Italy. After starting her career in Law, she decided to move to San Francisco to continue his law studies. While there, in order to learn “American like an American” she worked in a number of different positions and her first contact to the kitchen happened at a place called started Higher Grounds, a renown coffee house in SF.
Then she started to work for a company called Spectrum Foods which owned 16 high end restaurants almost all Italian. She moved to Southern California where she lived for a while and then to the city she loves, Austin TX. It is really in Austin that she finally discovered her love for cooking and decided to become a professional. She did in fact enrolled and graduated with the maximum score at TXCA obtaining a liberal art degree.
Her first experience with the high-end cuisine is under the Chef David Bull, James Beard award and well-renown chef. Then she decided she needed to create her own style and make it as personal as possible. That is why she moved to Rome. She wanted to know more about her roots but her idea was to go back, after experiencing the Convivio Troiani a Michelin star restaurant in Rome, and open her own restaurant in Austin.
In the short period of time she was in Rome, she got offered many opportunities and Glass Hostaria in Trastevere was the one she felt in love with. Glass had opened just a little less a year before.
Glass is a contemporary and innovative space both in philosophy and in the gastronomic proposal.
The restaurant is counter-current with the Trastevere scene, exactly like Cristina’s cuisine. Her kitchen style is the result of experiences, travels, meetings, culinary training and studies, always been the primary source of inspiration. Cristina's cuisine is a cultural crossing that tells about taste through the constant dialogue between traditions, cultures, memory and places.
Michelin star since 2010, and “Tre forchette - Gambero Rosso” since 2020, she is a case study of Bocconi Universit. She wrote her first book in 2014, “Da Cerignola a San Francisco e ritorno la mia vita di chef contro corrente” Mondadori and her second one in 2019 “the Chef meets the Artist” published by Maretti Editore. Both books underline the strong her strong personality. Cristina’s commitments are notorious and tackle several fronts, starting with training and teaching. One of the projects that is most important to her is "Adopt a Hotel Institute", within the #fareformazione, the Memorandum of Understanding aimed at improving and expanding the training offered in Hotellerie and Management schools. This project has been signed by Cristina as President of the Italian Association “Ambasciatori del Gusto”, one of the most renown Association in Italy representing the restaurant business of which Cristina is one of the founding members and President since 2016.
Her commitment as “Ambasciatore del Gusto” was born in 2015 when she was appointed Chef Ambassador of Expo Milano 2015. There, together with Paolo Marchi and Cesare Battisti, she had the chance to imagine an association like ADG (Ambasciatori del Gusto).
In 2018 she was part of the Technical Coordination Committee for the Year of Italian Food and more recently she joined Chef Manifesto, the initiative launched by Paul Newnham, which aims to end hunger, achieve security food and promote sustainable agriculture by 2030.
Cristina has always tried to represent a role model for women in the professional world which privileges male representation, undervaluing female skills and professionality. This role gained her the position of speaker at TEDxMilano Women and then again at TedXaubg. Tedx public talks highlight the "ideas that deserve to be lived". Her role in promoting and defending female role in society gained her several awards and recognition among which Ambassador by the Telefono Rosa Association, Aila Award, "Woman Chef of the Year" by Identità Golose, "Best Female Italian Chef in Europe" by Love Italian Life, “Galvanina Award for Best Chef” or her recent“FIC award for excellence” and many others.
Whitin his most heartfelt commitments toward women, she had the pleasure of being the protagonist of the biggest ACTION AID campaign in 2015 and she is between the few founders of the Fiorano For Kids organization, for the therapeutic role’s research of specific diets in the care of infantile epilepsy.
In February 2021 She took part in the Davos Agenda of the World Economic Forum in a talk by "La Stampa" in which she stressed the importance of food sustainability, the enhancement of local producers and product logistics.
Cristina creativity in the kitchen, her commitments in various areas and her capability of speaking in three different languages give her the opportunity to travel around the world to hold workshops and talks or cooking in important venues for several vip personalities, constantly enriching her (by her definition dated back now to over 13 years ago) “cucina contaminata”, that is contaminated (by other cultures) cuisine.
Because like she says “if we could overlap all food cultures of the world like sheets of paper, we will see that one small corner always overlaps. That is the point of connection and continuity and that is the corner I always look for.”
Alessandra Piubello
3. Alessandra Piubello
Journalist and writer from Verona, professional taster, she is the editor-in-chief of some periodicals. She is co-editor of the Gold Guide I Vini di Veronelli (the only female journalist in Italy to cover this role) and author for the guide I Ristoranti d’Italia de L’Espresso. He collaborates with the most important national and international magazines in the sector. He has published some books. She is a member of prestigious national and international sector associations and a constant presence in the most important wine competitions over the world.
Michael Housewright
4. Michael Housewright
Michael D Housewright is one of the leading photographers and video producers in the Wine and Spirits Industry. His work is regularly featured in top-tier publications like Wine Enthusiast and for many prestigious producers. With over twenty years tasting and selling fine wine Michael has a creative insight into the vision of his clients that few other photographers can express. To Michael, the wine is just as important as the imagery and vice versa. Michael spends many weeks a year traveling the wine world. He has been traveling to Italy for almost 30 years and has visited every region in the country.
Francesco Aliberti
5. Francesco Aliberti
Francesco Aliberti, Ms. in Italian Studies at Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna with Ezio Raimondi, have founded the publishing house Aliberti editore which, during Turin’s Book Fair 2011 in the occasion of an exposition organized by Gian Arturo Ferrari to mark the 150th anniversary of the book, has been regarded to as one of the most characteristic publishing houses of more recent Italian history (the list included other fifteen publishers such as Baldini Castoldi, Dalai, Chiarelettere, E/O, Minimum Fax, Newton Compton, Nottetempo, Piemme).
Since 2009 is a business partner of Il Fatto Quotidiano, guided by Marco Travaglio, and in 2011 founds with Vauro, Vincino and Cinzia Monteverdi the same publishing society in order to reintroduce the magazine Il Male. In 2013 founds the new publishing house Wingsbert House, which combines the passion for books and wines, proposing a package that holds both a book and a bottle of Italian red Lambrusco produced by the family business. In 2015 establishes Compagnia editoriale Aliberti, the new publishing brand.
Although, his real passion is balsamic vinegar. Since 2008 holds the property of a truly traditional “acetaia”, that produces a special balsamic vinegar named “lunatico”.
Viviana Nella Stagni
6. Viviana Nella Stagni
She was born in Milan but she is Veronese by adoption: at first she had an hospitality training in Alto Adige, then she obtained a Master's Degree in Educational Research in Verona. She attended AIS Courses and those of A.I.B.E.S in Milan, in 1995. Since 2003 she has worked for different realities, as responsible for communication and implementation of cultural events. She arrives in Cesari about 6 years ago, start developing the whole part dedicated to hospitality, to winery tasting and to events. Three languages, good nose, critical eye and a great passion for wine, of course Cesari (but not only!).
Angelo Falmi
6. Angelo Falmi
was born in Piacenza and since 2000 he teaches at the Brera Academy in Milan. He paints, organizes, puts artists in contact and creates international and national events. He loves beauty and good wine that combines diversity, if really exist!