“JèMA photo award - Looking for purity”: the winners

Interpreting purity, searching for it in the depths of the reality that surrounds us, in the beautiful landscapes that nature offers, with a look that transcends the photographic lens and opens up to new explorations. This is the aim of the International Photographic Prize linked to our wine “Jèma”, named Looking for purity.
On Sunday, April 7th, the awards ceremony took place in the wonderful setting of Palazzo Carlotti in Verona. Here are the winners:
PRO Category:
Giovanni Douglas Lopes “Anime a Angeli”
OPEN category:
1st place: Roberto Crepaldi “Ciclamino”
2nd place: Roberto Rizzi “Gocce di vita”
3rd place: Maria Chiara Rubini “Ceci n’est pas un arbre”