Cento Filari vineyard


The Cento Filari vineyard

The vineyard’s name is originated from the number of rows counted in the vineyard, one hundred exactly, from which the homonymous Lugana is obtained. This vineyard has an extention of 10 hectars and is situated between the villages of Peschiera del Garda and Pozzolengo. There’s a density of 4100 plants per hectar and the system of cultivation is called "archetto". The type of grapes used to produce the Lugana are the indigenous "Turbiana" 95% (a grape which is possible to be found only in this area) and the Chardonnay 5%. The climate is temperate with costant ventilation. The combination of soil and climate, milden from the near Garda Lake, determine a microclima extremely favourable for the production of this Lugana. In reason of the vintage characteristic, the hand picking is postponed and part of the grapes are left for a short withering on the plant.