Il Bosco vineyard


The Il Bosco vineyard

The "Il Bosco" vineyard is located south-east from Castelrotto, in Valpolicella. It has a five hectars extension at an altitude of 150 mt on the sea level. The rows in this vineyard present a great exposure east-south. Vines are 20 years old average with a “pergola semplice” system at 3.300 plants per hectare. The grape variety are Corvina 80% and Rondinella 20%. The soil is calcareous, made of red limestone with light clay sediments. The hill position and the composition of the soil guarantee a good drainage, assuring to the vine the right water balance. The climate is normally cool and well ventilated avoiding dangerous stagnation always dangerous for the grapes. These characteristic allowed a favourable maturation of the grapes, making themselves expecially appropriated for the harvest and the following withering.